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“…..don’t ever give up on your dreams, though they are lost deep inside you.  It’s amazing what you can achieve,
if only you believe.”  And now Stacy has finally achieved her dream with the release of her first CD entitled
“Finally I Fly.”

This is the music of my life…my struggles and triumphs and the moments that made an impact on my life” says Stacy.  “It is an emotional and honest collection that I pray will inspire many people, in many different ways.” 

Born outside Chicago,  but growing up in South Florida, Stacy became involved in music and theater at a young age.  By the time she was 8, she was on stage performing in musicals and plays as part of professional productions.  Her run of successful auditions continued throughout elementary and high school as she split her time between school and the stage.  In all, Stacy has performed in dozens of musicals, plays and stage productions. 
Somewhere in the middle, her parents bought her a used upright piano and Stacy quickly developed a passion for playing music.  “It wasn’t much to look at,  but I quickly fell in love with it and found out that I really had a knack for playing” says Stacy.  Her parents recall how she "ran away" across the street at the age of 3 so she could play on the neighbor’s piano.
Soon after high school, Stacy was chosen as a lead vocalist for "Up With People", a traveling, performing, community service troupe.  “I was thrilled to be a part of such an awesome experience” admits Stacy.  “It was amazing to be able to combine music and community service together & perform throughout the world.  I stayed in some crazy places and lived with many interesting families and I really feel like I made a positive impact throughout my travels.  I also made some great friends and still support the program today.” 
Returning to South Florida, Stacy resumed her music studies while continuing her passion for the stage by performing throughout the Florida regional theater circuit. 
In 1996, Stacy married the love of her life and they embarked on a “national tour” of sorts as an Air Force couple.  Soon, their lives were blessed by the birth of their two beautiful children, a son and a daughter.  Over the next 12 years, Stacy would stay active in various church & community activities including music director, special musical guest, soloist and accompanist.  In addition, her commitment to community service never wavered.  In 2006, Stacy was recognized by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Air Force Association as the Volunteer of the Year and was selected as the Los Angeles Air Force Base Spouse of the Year.  While she appreciates the honor, she still cherishes those quiet nights at home and admits that, “at times, I will go in to our music room and just lock myself away and sing.  I can get lost in those moments and drift away to a quiet place.  I love to find peace in music.  It is during those times I feel closest to God.” 
It was just those moments in 2006 that Stacy began to pen her first songs.  “I truly felt inspired by the Holy Spirit, like never before, and the words and lyrics began to flow” admitted Stacy.  “I would write a few lines and ask my husband if it sounded good.  We were both amazed at how it all came together.  God is awesome!”
Soon, Stacy would sign up to work with a hit-making producer in Los Angeles. Pulling together an all-star cast of musicians, Stacy’s songs and eventual album began to take shape. "Being in the studio was an incredible experience, one that I will never forget. ”  

Listening to her music is testimony that Stacy has finally taken flight.  “I hope people will enjoy my songs and that the music will enrich their lives” Stacy says.  “Christian music can inspire people in so many ways. I am forever grateful for the gifts my Father has given me & for an opportunity to share my story with others.”  Stacy Dumas is a singer, songwriter, a wife and mother; honest and inspired by God in every aspect of her life. 

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