“City on a Hill”
I wrote this song after attending a Women’s Retreat in early 2007. We heard that weekend about finding Jesus’ light, and once you have it then shining His light & love out for all to see.  The song was directly inspired by an incredibly moving & motivating sermon, given by my friend & pastor, Melinda Hoyt.  One of the scriptures I referred to for this song is Matthew 5:14.
“You Inspire”
Sitting at the piano one afternoon trying to work on some songs, my little girl who was barely 4 years old, was interrupting me, begging me to play with her.  Wrapped up in myself, I asked her to please wait until I was finished.  This happened a few times until I looked to my left and saw that she had carried her little plastic white grand piano/keyboard & plopped down next to me.  “I want to play piano like you Mommy.”  Tears suddenly filled my eyes & within moments I realized that she was my song. 
And my son playing nearby, he was the reason I wanted to be more.  God gave me the most incredible gift when He gave me children. 
About 20 minutes later I had written the lyrics for “You Inspire”, more verses than I could even use!  I will always cherish this story. “Breathe in, breathe Him”….my words to my children. Let God inspire you the way you inspire me.
 “Finally I Fly”
This song still feels so uplifting to me.  It is about finding the strength to truly follow your dreams and letting go of the fear that holds you back from the reality of God’s purpose for you.  Realizing that “I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me” frees you up to really live & make the most of your life. Philippians 4:13, a verse to live by.
“Good Enough”
This song was written so fast because I found it incredibly easy to make a list of my insecurities.  My “what if’s”, “I wish I was” and “If only I’s.”  I started writing this because I had a realization one day of how sick I was of my own self-defeating attitude.  That I was wasting my days & God given gifts by sitting around wishing I was thinner, prettier, more talented, more faithful, a good writer, a kinder person ….the list goes on.  But no, I saw the light that day that God made me exactly as He planned.  I am not a mistake…I am made in His image & I suddenly wanted to try and live up to that.  This song is for people everywhere who are too hard on themselves, especially young girls & women who feel pressured by society to look or act a certain way.  But this song reminds us all that “God made us Good Enough!!”   Sing it loud!
“All Saints”
The chorus for this song came to me on the drive home from church on All Saints weekend.  The sermon was simply awesome & it directly inspired the song.  The lesson was that God sees us all as saints, each of us, even those believers who haven’t even come to Him yet.  To put the pain & suffering of this world behind us & focus on the Heavenly reward which will soon come.  I also had an idea to sample one of my favorite childhood songs “When the Saints Go Marching In,” remembering all those wonderful people who have gone before us.  And if you listen closely, this song also invites non-believers to “ask Him in.”
Not your typical Christian song.  This is actually the first song I ever wrote.  It was inspired by a number of things going on around me in the fall of 2006.  I watched as a friend’s marriage crumbled into divorce after an affair was revealed by the woman and had revelations from other friends that were dealing with temptation & loneliness in their own marriages.  I was also faced with my own feelings of lust & sinful desire that can creep slowly and painfully into any relationship.  But this is a song of hope & forgiveness; getting humbly on your knees before God and praying for strength & remembering the promises you made to God and your partner. 
“Only Him”
Writing this song was kind of like therapy.  I was going through some tough things with a friend and I was seeing & feeling like judgment was all around the situation.   It almost felt like judgment to even write the words, but my point was that God, through the filter of His beautiful son Jesus Christ, is the only one who can judge us.  That it can be very damaging to “throw” scripture out like a weapon & assume that we can speak for God.  We can’t.  And the truth is that at times I need to hear my own lyrics because I find myself in judgment of another.  It is a very human thing & not what we should be aspiring to do as Christians.  As the bridge says “Are you sure you want to throw those stones from the glass house you’ve been living in?”  I know I don’t want to be that person. God forgive me when I am.  And as the last line says, like the over used phrase WWJD from a few years back …. “Is that what Jesus would do?”
“Come Together”

This is my one true praise & worship song.  I wrote it very specifically for the group of people I was worshipping with at the time. Our church was going through some major changes & hard times…this song is a reminder that we are a family in Christ.  Sons & daughters of the King, coming together to praise Him.  We pray together, sing together, and love each other.  We walk each other through struggles & celebrate one another’s triumphs.  So “Come Together” and be His family.  Love God. Love one another.
At the recommendation of my producer I decided to find a “cover” song.  There were dozens of songs I enjoyed singing, but would they match the message of my album?  One late night on the hour-long drive home from the studio, this song popped in my head seemingly out of nowhere.   During that month I was still mourning the loss of my young friend Michael back in Florida & also walking with a friend struggling with a drug addiction.  It felt like the perfect song.  In the recording session I felt the tears burn my eyes as I thought of these people & so many others that have been touched by Sarah McLachlan’s timeless song.

"Open the Gate"
This song is my testimony, my story about coming to accept Jesus as my Savior. It truly has been a long journey. Many years of feeling that tug at my heart, that curiosity to know more about God. Acknowledging the lonely times in my teens & twenties when I didn’t know who to turn to with my heartache or questions or brokenness. I didn’t know that God had been there all along, whispering to me “I am right here.” Knowing Him has made all the difference in my life. Being a Christian doesn’t eliminate the struggle, but it gives you a beautiful Savior to guide you and comfort you through.
In the end of the song, listen carefully for the invitation to have a personal relationship with God. The Gate is right here. Open the Gate.
My most painful song to write and something I was nervous to even release.  But I knew in my heart that every person carries their own private shame…something they not only hide from others but even try to hide from God.  Maybe it is what keeps you from even going to church.   But the truth is, He knows.  God already sees us.  It is when we can finally name it and fully confess our sin that we can be forgiven and cleansed.  What is it you are hanging on to?  Is it the pain you caused another or something someone did to you that brings you shame?  Or something you do to yourself every day?  What are you ashamed of?  Drinking, food, pornography, drugs, lying or gossip…we all have our demons.  Jesus stands as the Blameless One who already paid the price for all of these sins.  He died that we can be forgiven & stand before the throne of our Father one day blameless as well.  1 John 1:9, if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

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